Year of the Pier Lecture Series: The changing face of international piers with Martina Weyreter

Event Start Date:
14 December 2023
Event End Date:
14 December 2023
Event Venue:

This talk will look at international piers – historic and modern. How do they differ from British piers and what might be the historic, cultural, geographical or political reasons for this? There will also be an update on international pier construction projects and their recent progress (or, in some cases, non-progress), with a focus on Germany.

Martina Weyreter comes from Germany, has been a member of the National Piers Society since 1997 and was made an honorary lifetime member in 2019. She has written various articles in PIERS over the years, on British as well as international piers. She has been involved in plans to organise an NPS members’ trip to German piers, though this has not yet materialised because of the cost.

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