Major refurbishment planned for Great Yarmouth Britannia Pier
The owners of the Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, want to upgrade the existing bars and facade. Triangle Amusements said the plan follows investments already made since purchasing the pier in December 2022.
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Laser show returns to Herne Bay Pier
An impressive laser display with a festive theme is set to soar over the Kent coast. For the third year running, the historic pier in Herne Bay will be showered in colourful light projections and lasers during an after-dark display.
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A bigger and better Christmas at Deal Pier!
A more impressive, 17ft tree now stands at the entrance to Deal pier, after the first one prompted strong reaction from passersby.
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Plans for ‘historic billboard’ at Llandudno Pier
Interest in the abandoned concrete billboard was rekindled by recent photos taken from the pier. As funfair rides have been removed from the pier’s boardwalk for winter maintenance, it’s only now that the concrete hoarding has again become visible to passersby.
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Skegness Pier on ice!
The pier will become the setting for a brand-new festive event, which starts on Friday, December 15. As well as an enchanting ice skating deck, there will be festive market stalls and hot drinks.
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Council budget deficit causes concern over the future of Southend Pier
The iconic pier would would be shut if the council went bankrupt, a leading councillor has warned as it was revealed it made an almost £200,000 loss last year.
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A look back at Blackpool’s three great piers!
The piers have jutted out into the often wild sea for decades and are still standing, still icons of Blackpool.
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First phase of Hythe Pier railway restoration completed
The first phase of the restoration of the historic railway track at Hythe pier has been completed. The replacement of the first 45 metres of track, as well as points and sidings, was finished earlier this month.
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First anniversary of the closure of Southport Pier
The closure, which occurred on December 13, 2022, was initially announced by Sefton Council as a ‘temporary’ measure, but the pier remains inaccessible to visitors and locals alike, casting a shadow over its future.
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South Africa’s Whalebone Pier reopens after restoration
The City said the main aim of the R3.2 million project was to extend the longevity of the concrete. “The pier is a tourist drawcard and remains one of the most photographed places in Durban,” said spokesperson Gugu Sisilana.
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Cromer Pier documentary named one of the top films of 2023!
Critics at The Times have rounded up their favourite flicks of the last 12 months, which includes the likes of Napoleon, Oppenheimer and Killers of the Flower Moon. Also included in the list is Seaside Special, which was directed by Jens Meurer and filmed in Cromer in 2019.
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Southport Pier – Severity of structural deterioration made evident in survey photographs
Council-led structural survey work continues at Southport Pier, which has been closed to the public since December 2022. The photographs recently released by the Council make it undeniable that fundamental reconstruction works are essential for the Pier’s reopening; it is anticipated that this may cost upwards of £13 million. The previous reconstruction scheme, completed in 2002, cost £7 million.
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Boscombe and Penarth Piers – The bases for Christmas sea-swimming
The substructures of thse two piers formed a notable backdrop to sea-swimming mornings which have become a popular ritual at Christmas. At Penarth, an early-morning disco and sauna further aided the ritualistic celebrations of the Winter Solstice; at Boscombe, the event served to raise money for the Macmillan Unit Hospital in Christchurch.
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Plymouth Hoe Pier – Archaeological findings by divers
Numerous coins and tokens have been salveged from the sea floor off Plymouth Hoe, provoking an intriguing reminder that even the produce of long-lost piers can be rediscovered from time-to-time. Many of these tokens discovered by divers originated from the Pier’s amusement machines, likely a prevailing feature in the pier’s latter decades prior to its bombing in 1941.
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Birnbeck Pier – Reminiscences
A collation of local resident’s memories of their experiences on the Pier, provoked by the public posting of a photograph of the pier dating to 1977. The photograph itself is of particular interest, in depicting the “White Pavilion” (Destroyed by fire in 1988) and the miniature railway (of the John Critchley era). A link to the original post in the publicly-accessible Facebook group is also provided below.
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Brighton – A Brief History
A short but well-written history on the development of Brighton as a seaside resort.
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Weston Birnbeck Pier – 2024 is the year for Birnbeck Pier
The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust have confirmed that 2024 will represent the turnaround in the Pier’s fortunes, with the start of emergency repair works and longer-term planning for the Pier’s comprehensive regeneration. Despite a report that a further collapse to the 1898 pavilion has taken place during the recent storms, the Trust is deservedly positive about the future situation. The Pier has been under the ownership of North Somerset Council since 13th July 2023; funding work and the design phase of structural repairs are presently underway.
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